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CAVS: 0302

Species Neophema (Neophema) pulchella (Shaw, 1792)

Turquoise Parrot




New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria

Extra Distribution Information

Coastal and inland scarps and foothills of Great Dividing Range, east locally to coast—N originally to Suttor-Isaac Rivers and presently at least to Kroombit Tops, QLD—west to Expedition Range and middle Moonie River, QLD, and Yetman, Warrumbungle Range, Nymagee, Cocoparra Range, and hills between Wagga Wagga, Narrandera and Albury, NSW—south to Benalla-Shepparton and E Gippsland, VIC, formerly as far as the Dandenong Ranges—generally absent from central and southern tablelands, NSW, and south-eastern alpine regions.

Note that conversion of the original AFD map of states, drainage basins and coastal and oceanic zones to IBRA and IMCRA regions may have produced errors. The new maps will be reviewed and corrected as updates occur. The maps may not indicate the entire distribution. See further details below.
IBRA and IMCRA regions (map not available)
drainage basins and coastal and oceanic zones (map not available)


NSW, Qld, Vic: Australian Alps (AA), Brigalow Belt North (BBN), Brigalow Belt South (BBS), Broken Hill Complex (BHC), Central Mackay Coast (CMC), Cobar Peneplain (CP), Cape York Peninsula (CYP), Desert Uplands (DEU), Darling Riverine Plains (DRP), Einasleigh Uplands (EIU), Flinders (FLI), Murray Darling Depression (MDD), Mulga Lands (ML), Nandewar (NAN), Naracoorte Coastal Plain (NCP), New England Tablelands (NET), NSW North Coast (NNC), NSW South Western Slopes (NSS), Riverina (RIV), Sydney Basin (SB), South East Coastal Plain (SCP), South East Corner (SEC), South Eastern Highlands (SEH), South Eastern Queensland (SEQ), Victorian Midlands (VM), Victorian Volcanic Plain (VVP), Wet Tropics (WT)

Original AFD Distribution Data

Australian Region

  • Australia
    • New South Wales: Murray-Darling basin, SE coastal
    • Queensland: Murray-Darling basin, NE coastal
    • Victoria

Ecological Descriptors

Arboreal, diurnal, folivore, granivore, gregarious, low open woodland, low woodland, migratory, nomadic, open forest, open scrub, resident, terrestrial, volant, woodland.

Extra Ecological Information

Seasonal breeder, sexually dimorphic, on grassy edges of eucalypt woodland and open forest on hill slopes, ridges and stream gullies, feeds mainly on seeds on ground, flies directly with rapid wing beats punctuated by short glides on in-drawn wings, nests on bed of wood dust/debris in tree hollows, incubation by female, both sexes rear pale grey-downed, yellowish-billed chicks, wanders locally and regionally to seasonal food sources, with evidently some northward shift during winter and southward to breed in spring (but movements erratic).


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