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Species Millepora foveolata Crossland, 1952

Fire Coral, Hydrocoral


Millepora foveolata colonies are yellow to pale-pink yellow and form thin encrusting laminae attached to the underlying substrate, sometimes confused with the similarly encrusting Millepora exaesa, which lacks ridges and has more prominent nodules (Randall & Cheng, 1984). This species is listed as vulnerable (V) under the IUCN red list of endangered species due to a limited understanding of its biology, its rarity, restricted range, susceptiblity to bleaching in shallow waters, the collection of M. foveolata for the jewellery trade and the threat of climate change and ocean acidification. Of the Australian Millepora species, it is the only species listed as Vulnerable by IUCN, probably due to its noted susceptibility to bleaching (Loya et al., 2001).




Northern Territory, Queensland

Extra Distribution Information

Tropical cosmopolitan distribution.

Ecological Descriptors

Sessile, shallow water, tropical.


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