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Subfamily Microgastrinae

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N.B. Stevens, M. Iqbal, A.D. Austin & J.T. Jennings, Centre for Evolutionary Biology & Biodiversity (CEBB), Waite Institute, Adelaide, South Australia


This is one of the largest subfamilies of Braconidae. They are worldwide in distribution, morphologically homogeneous, and renowned for being difficult to identify. Species are small (2–3 mm), have the distal wing venation reduced, and have exactly 18 antennal segments. Nixon (1965) provided much needed stability in the classification of the group, and building on this, Mason (1981) raised many of Nixon's species-groups to generic level. The Australian fauna is very large, with the 100+ described species probably representing less than 20% of its true size. Microgastrines are exclusively endoparasitoids of lepidopteran larvae, with species of Apanteles, Cotesia and Microplitis being extensively used as biological control agents of pest species around the world, including Australia. In this respect, several species have been introduced into Australia.


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