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Species Macrophiothrix capillaris (Lyman, 1879)

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2012 - Tim O'Hara, Museum Victoria, Carlton, Victoria, Australia


Generic Combinations

  • Macrophiothrix capillaris (Lyman, 1879).
  • Macrophiothrix capillaris (Lyman, 1879).




Western Australia

Extra Distribution Information

Indo-Pacific, South Pacific

IBRA and IMCRA regions (map not available)


Timor Province (2)

Ecological Descriptors

Benthic, continental shelf, continental slope, marine.


General References

Clark, A.M. 1967. Notes on the family Ophiotrichidae (Ophiuroidea). Annals and Magazine of Natural History 13 9(106–8): 637-656 fig. 1 pls 10-11 [649] (as Macrophiothrix capillaris)

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