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<i>Termessa gratiosa</i> (Walker, 1865)

Termessa gratiosa (Walker, 1865)


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Tribe Lithosiini Billberg, 1820

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29 October 2010 - David Britton (Edwards, E.D., 1996)


The world Lithosiinae were revised by Hampson (1900) and this is still an important work on this group. They were listed in Lepidopterorum Catalogus by Strand (1922). The Indoaustralian fauna was treated in Seitz's Macrolepidoptera of the World Vol. 10 by Seitz (1913-1914) and Draudt (1914). The Australian fauna was revised by Meyrick (1886) and by Turner (1940).

Australia has a rich fauna of Lithosiinae but most species occur in the wetter areas. Many species occurring on Cape York Peninsula also occur in New Guinea or have close relatives in New Guinea and there is much work still to be done to identify Australian species with species described from New Guinea.

Since publication of Edwards (1996) there have been relatively few changes to the taxonomic status of the Australian fauna. Holloway (2001) examined the status of genera which co-occur in the Oriental region, resulting in some generic level changes which are reflected here. This in turn has highlighted the need for generic level revision on this group within Australia, especially with reference to the fauna in the Papuan region.


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