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Family LINGULIDAE Menke, 1828


For ecology, geographic distribution, morphology, anatomy and systematics, see Emig (1979, 1982).

Occurence: ?Upper Devonian, Carboniferous to Recent.



Elongate oval to spatulate in outline, beak of pedicle valve with broad triangular ventral depression of groove for passage of pedicle. Posteriolateral margins of valve thickened, striated, lacking flexure lines, but rarely forming well-defined triangular propareas. Beak of brachial valve with small, uninterupted pseudointerarea, not extending as a plate into the valve. Principal musculature consisting of umbonal muscle, paired centrals, transmedians, anterior, outsiode and middle laterals. One pair of principal mantle canals in each valve. Recent species with long, flexible pedicle lophophore spirolophous, apices of spires medianly directed. From Moore (1965: H262).


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