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<I>Ligia novizealandiae</I>

Ligia novizealandiae


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Family LIGIIDAE Leach, 1814


Typically members of the worldwide genus Ligia Fabricius are supralittoral, but some may venture inland. Ligidioides Wahrberg is an Australian endemic genus known from inland localities in Queensland. Schmalfuss & Ferrara (1978) described the fauna from West Africa.



Dorsal surface of body shallowly convex; animal does not conglobate. Eye with many ommatidia in Ligia; eye of moderate size in Ligidioides. Antenna 1 with 3 articles. Antenna 2 flagellum with more than 10 articles in Australasian species. Mandible with molar process. Maxillipedal palp with 5 articles. Pereonal epimera 2–7 (coxae) fused to corresponding tergites (although suture lines may be visible in female). Dactylar organ present on each pereopod in Ligia. Male with pair of penes. Pleopod 2 of male modified as copulatory structure. Without pleopodal lungs. Uropod attached terminally and projecting beyond telson; rami styliform.


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