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[After Common in Nielsen et al. (1996: 116)].
The members of this family were originally referred to the Gelechiidae (e.g. Meyrick 1904, Fletcher 1929, Diakonoff 1954b), and were separated as a subfamily Lecithocerinae of the Gelechiidae by Le Marchand (1947). A large group of genera, including Lecithocera Herrich-Schäffer and Timyra Walker, previously referred to the Gelechiidae, were treated by Clarke (1965) as a separate family Timyridae, a junior synonym of of Lecithoceridae. However, Hodges (1978) reassigned the Lecithoceridae to the Gelechiidae as a subfamily. Park (2015) erected a new subfamily for Aprosoesta Turner, Lamprista Park, Pacificulla Park, Hannara Park, and Gonaepa Walker.

Gozmàny (1978) revised the Palaearctic fauna of Lecithoceridae, but there has been no taxonomic revision of the Australian species. Forty-seven described species of Lecithoceridae in eight genera are known from Australia, but numerous undescribed species are known. Most of the species occur in the northern half of the continent and have close affinities with the fauna of south-east Asia and New Guinea. The known larvae feed on dead plant material, and the few Australian species which have been fed on eucalypt leaf litter or, less frequently, leaf litter beneath Kunzea or detritus in grass tussocks. The larvae are unusual in the Gelechioidea in having dense, often minutely branched secondary setae (Common 1990).


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