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June 2012 - Professor Gerry Cassis, Anna Namyatova, Nikolai Tatarnic and Celia Symonds, University of New South Wales, Sydney

15 February 2002


The Idiostoloidea is a superfamily comprising two families: Idiostolidae and Henicocoridae. The superfamily has an eastern Gondwanan distribution. Idiostolids are found in southern South America and Australia. Henicocorids are restricted to the wet forests of south-eastern Australia.

Both families were first erected as subfamilies of Lygaeidae. Scudder (1962) erected the idiostolids as a family of Pentatomomorpha. He indicated that they share morphological similarities with the Pachygronthidae, Heterogastridae and Rhyparochromidae (as Lygaeidae subfamilies). Woodward (1968) described the henicocorids as a subfamily of Lygaeidae and proposed close affinities with the Oxycarenidae and Idiostolidae.

Štys (1967) erected a new superfamily, the Idiostoloidea, to reflect the plesiomorphy of the idiostolids. Most heteropterists accept that the Idiostolidae occupy an isolated position within the Pentatomomorpha (Štys & Kerzhner 1975; Schuh 1986; Carver et al. 1991; Schuh & Slater 1995). Schaefer (1966a, 1966b, 1966c, 1993) and Schaefer & Wilcox (1969) also concluded that the Idiostolidae are a plesiomorphic group, but retained them within the Lygaeoidea sensu lato.

Henry (1997) proposed a cladistic analysis of the Pentatomomorpha, which recognises the Idiostoloidea (Idiostolidae + Henicocoridae) as a monophyletic group based on the following synapomorphies: abdominal trichobothria short, abdominal segment VII lacking connexiva, and genital chamber membranous and sac-like. His work also established the Idiostoloidea as the sister-group to the Lygaeoidea.

This arrangement was followed by Cassis & Gross (2002: 149).


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