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Subclass HOPLOCARIDA Calman, 1904

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May 2012 - Peter Davie, Queensland Museum, Brisbane

2002 - S.T. Ahyong & P.J.F. Davie


The subclass Hoplocarida includes the 'mantis-shrimps' and is represented only by a single Recent order, the Stomatopoda. Their fossil record is poor, but hoplocarid ancestors appear to have diverged from other malacostracans during the Devonian (Hof 1998).



Head with two movable anterior somites bearing pedunculate eyes and triramous antennules; antennae with protopod of two segments; mandible without lacinia mobilis. Cephalothorax partly covered by well-developed carapace; first five pairs of thoracic appendages subchelate, second to fifth pairs subequal, or with second pair developed as powerful raptorial claws and distinctly larger than others; posterior thoracic appendages with protopod of three segments. Abdomen with biramous pleopods; telson with fixed median spine and with or without styliform furca, or with broad carinate tailpiece lacking fixed spine and furca. Development with metamorphosis, free-swimming nauplius stage not present. (Modified after Moore 1969).


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