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28 June 2007 - E.D. (Ted) Edwards, CSIRO Entomology, Canberra, Australia



Australia has a rich fauna of ghost moths, which are by far the most successful homoneurous moths in terms of species diversity, there being over 500 species in about 80 genera worldwide. While the monophyly of the bulk of the family, the Hepialidae s. str., is well demonstrated, the relationship of the genera Fraus Walker (from Australia), Gazoryctra Hübner (Holarctic) and Afrotheora Nielsen & Scoble and Antihepialius Janse (Afrotropical) remains uncertain and these genera are usually referred to as informal 'primitive Hepialidae' (Nielsen & Scoble 1986; Nielsen & Kristensen 1989).

Regier et al. (2015) synonymised Anomosetidae and Palaeosetidae with Hepialidae.

The first Australian species were named by Lewin (1805) and Donovan (1805) and a number of species were named by Herrich-Schäffer (1850-[1869]). Meyrick (1890c) produced the first revision of the Australian fauna, Wagner and Pfitzner (1911) reviewed the family for Lepidopterorum Catalogus and Pfitzner & Gaede (1933) treated the Australian fauna in Zeitz's Macrolepidoptera of the World. Unlike most other Australian moth families nearly all the hepialid genera have been subject to taxonomic study over the last 65 years. Tindale (1932, 1941a) revised Trictena Meyrick, Bordaia Tindale and Abantiades Herrich-Schäffer. The genus Oncopera Walker was revised by Tindale (1933) and subsequently reviewed by Common (1966) and Elder (1970). Elhamma Walker, Jeana Tindale and Oxycanus Walker, the most species-rich genus in Australia, were revised by Tindale (1935), with additions to Oxycanus by Tindale (1955). The 'primitive' hepialid genus, Fraus, was comprehensively revised by Nielsen & Kristensen (1989). Simonsen (2018) reviewed the Abantiades,Oncopera, Aenetus, Archaeoaenetus and Zelotypia, describing one new genus and 15 new species along with other nomenclatural changes.

Nine genera and 142 species are currently described for the Australian fauna.


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