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Family Goniodorididae. <i>Trapania japonica</i>.(from Beesley, Ross & Wells 1998) [S. Weidland]

Family Goniodorididae. Trapania japonica.(from Beesley, Ross & Wells 1998) [S. Weidland]


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Family GONIODORIDIDAE H. Adams & A. Adams, 1854


Goniodorids have a very reduced mantle, the remnants of which may form a narrow pallial flange, or as short or long projecting papillae along the pallial line and in the centre line of the mantle, or as protective papillae standing outside of the gills and each rhinophore. The gills and rhinophores are contractile, not retractible within cavities in the mantle.

[Compiled from Burn (in press 2012)]


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