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<I>Gnathia campotonotus</I>

Gnathia campotonotus


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Family GNATHIIDAE Leach, 1814

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Gary C.B. Poore & Helen M. Lew Ton


Adult gnathiids are marine benthic isopods but the praniza larva is sometimes ectoparasitic on fishes. The family is cosmopolitan in coastal to deep-sea environments with numerous species (Monod 1926; Camp 1988). Monod (1926) who studied the biology of this most unusual group of isopods recognised six genera but until recently most were treated in the genus Gnathia.

Holdich & Harrison's (1980) review of the Australian fauna was superceded by that of Cohen & Poore (1994) who described 27 new species from Australia. They also presented a phylogenetic analysis which differentiated ten genera. Although the family has long been regarded as belonging to a separate suborder of the Isopoda, Wägele (1989), Brusca & Wilson (1991) and Dreyer & Wägele (2001) concluded that the family is derived from cirolanid- or cymothoid-like ancestors. More recently, Svavarsson & Gísladóttir (2002) published a list of species, one of them new.



Pereopods 1 modified as flattened pylopods which cover mouth. Pereonite 7 reduced. Pereopods 7 absent. Pleon narrower than pereon. Sexually dimorphic. Male head fused to first 2 pereonites; pereonites 3–6 flattened, parallel-sided; mandible in male large and projecting foward, not so in female. Female and praniza larva with pereonites 4–6 fused, inflated.


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