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Family GLYCYMERIDIDAE Dall, 1908 (1847)

Dog Cockles

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December 2010 - Peter U. Middelfart, Winston F. Ponder & Des Beechey, Australian Museum, Sydney, NSW, Australia

  • Glycymerididae Dall, 1908 (1847) [Glycymerididae is in prevailing usage, and is conserved under Art. 40.2 of the ICZN with the priority of Pectunculidae Leach in J. Gray, 1847. Glycymerididae is thus maintained and retains its own author and date (the first date cited), but takes the priority of the replaced name; the date cited in parentheses, here alluding to Pectunculidae Leach in J. Gray, 1847; see Bieler et al. (2010: 42, 65, 117)].


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