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Species Elodina tongura Tindale, 1923

  • Type data:
     Lectotype SAMA I13778 , Groote Eylandt, NT (given by De Baar and Hancock; Tindale originally gave Groote Eylandt, Winchilsea Is. and Woodah Is., NT).
    Paralectotype(s) SAMA I13777 1, unknown (locality not given by Tindale or De Baar & Hancock); SAMA 2; SAMA 10 sex not stated; AM KL14985
    Comment: Tindale in the original description designated a type male and a type female (actually also a male) which then became the syntypes and all other specimens mentioned by Tindale were excluded from the type series; Edwards, E.D., Newland, J. & Regan, L. 2001. Lepidoptera: Hesperioidea, Papilionoidea. In Wells, A. & Houston, W.W.K. Zoological Catalogue of Australia. Vol. 31.6. Melbourne : CSIRO Publishing, Australia. x 615 pp. (there is only one paralectotype, since other specimens, not designated as types by Tindale but considered paralectotypes by De Baar & Hancock, have no status).



De Baar (2004) published a revised checklist of all species assigned to Elodina; the taxon E. tongura Tindale, 1923, endemic to the Northern Territory was reinstated and regarded to be specifically distinct from, and sympatric with, E. walkeri Butler, 1898.


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