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Species Ehlersileanira incisa (Grube, 1877)




Note that conversion of the original AFD map of states, drainage basins and coastal and oceanic zones to IBRA and IMCRA regions may have produced errors. The new maps will be reviewed and corrected as updates occur. The maps may not indicate the entire distribution. See further details below.
IBRA and IMCRA regions (map not available)
drainage basins and coastal and oceanic zones (map not available)


Central Eastern Shelf Transition (39), Northeast Shelf Province (40), Northeast Shelf Transition (41)

Original AFD Distribution Data

Afrotropical Region

  • Congo

Australian Region

  • Australia
    • 200 m bathymetric: Great Barrier Reef, NE coast
  • Papua New Guinea

Nearctic Region

  • United States of America
    • Florida

Neotropical Region

  • Brazil

Oriental Region

  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines

Palaearctic Region

  • Japan

Ecological Descriptors

Continental shelf, continental slope, mud bottom, sand bottom, sublittoral.

Extra Ecological Information

Down to 930 m depth.



Sthenelais simplex.
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Leanira incisa.
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Leanira izuensis.
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Sthenolepis izuensis.
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Sthenolepis incisa.
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Ehlersileanira incisa.
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as Sthenelais luxuriosa.
—Treadwell, A.L. 1920. Polychaetous Annelids of collected by the U.S. Fisheries steamer 'Albatross' in the waters adjacent to the Philippine Islands in 1907–1910. Bulletin of the United States National Museum 100: 589–602 [592].


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