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Tribe Diptychini Janse, 1933


Synonymisation of the Old World Nacophorini, including the large Australian fauna, with the African Diptychini was first suggested by Young in her papers on the Australian Nacophorini (2003,2008). This taxonomic concept has now been supported on additional molecular phylogenetic work in a study of the African cycad moths (Diptychini) (Sihvonen et al. 2015) and a broader analysis of the Geometridae (Murillo-Ramos et al. 2019). Young (2008) also found a close association between the Nacophorini and the Lithinini, first proposed by Pitkin (2002), supporting the case for synonymisation formalised by (Murillo-Ramos et al. 2019).



Based on Callioratis signum typically ennomine-type; transtilla of primitive fold-like type; labides are not intromitted in ductus bursae at copulation. Notion that in this genus, in tympana, ansa merged with lacinia (Staude, 2001, page 130) is erroneous and based on misidentification of dry muscles as sclerites (loc. cit., pl. 9) (Forum Herbulot, accessed 05/08/2020).
Subfamily rank and position close to Oenochrominae/Desmobathrinae has repeatedly been suggested. For subordination under Ennominae see Holloway (1996: 150). Relationships to Nacophorini and Ourapterygini see Holloway (1996: 151) and Pitkin (2002: 135).


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