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[After Edwards 1996]
This family contains only the genus Dudgeonea Hampson from Africa, Madagascar, India, South East Asia, New Guinea and Australia but may include Acritocera Butler from Fiji. For many years Dudgeonea was placed in the Cossidae but the presence of abdominal tympanal organs separates it from the Cossidae and Minet (1983) placed it in a family of its own. The relationships of the Dudgeoneidae to other families have not been resolved.

Dudgeonea was listed as a cossid genus in Lepidopterorum Catalogus by Dalla Torre (1923) and in Seitz's Macrolepidoptera of the World by Gaede (1933b). The Australian Cossidae, including Dudgeonea, were revised by Turner (1945c). A coloured illustration of the adult may be found in Nielsen & Common (1991).

Three described species are recorded from Australia and two undescribed species are known. In Australia specimens have been taken in Queensland and the Northern Territory. Dudgeonea actinias Turner has been reared from Canthium attenuatum (Rubiaceae) at Townsville.


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