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1988 - Data from Zoological Catalogue of Australia Vol. 4, Mahoney, J.A. & Ride, W.D.L. (1988)


Representatives of the family Dasyuridae are small to medium-sized animals (4–8 kg) that occur throughout mainland Australia, Tasmania, offshore islands and New Guinea.

Dasyurid limbs are approximately equal length with five digits on the manus and either four or five digits on the pes. The tail is hairy and non-prehensile; a brush is present in some species. The marsupium is variable in appearance, often only defined as an area bounded by a posteriorly directed raised rim during the breeding season or is even absent as a defined structure. All are polyprotodont with tuberculosectorial molars. The incisor formula is 4/3.

Dasyuridae are terrestrial or arboreal (a few species burrow). They are crepuscular and nocturnal, carnivorous and secretive. No species is extinct, but some have suffered reductions in range. Evolutionary relationships within the family are considered in Krajewski et al. (1994, 1997).


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