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Suborder CYPRIDOCOPINA Jones, 1901


Carapace mostly 1–2 mm long or less, but some lineages have "giant" forms up to 8 mm long. Shape variable. Valves ornamented or smooth. Marginal zone usually with well-developed fused zone and calcified inner lamella, often with selvage and lists. Hinge adont. Adductor muscle scar consists of a group of 4 to 12 scars in a loose aggregation. Normal pores simple. Female with 7 pairs of appendages plus caudal ramus. Antennula up to 7-segmented. Antenna 4–5-segmented. Exopod reduced to a small plate with up to three setae. Mandibula with small branchial plate. Maxillular branchial plate bearing many unreflexed and up to 3 reflexed rays. Fifth limb (first thoracopod) often transformed into clasping organ in males. Sixth limb (second thoracopod) usually walking leg, seventh limb (third thoracopod) transformed into cleaning leg. Male copulatory appendages with copulatory complex enclosed by a peniferal sheath; Zenker's organ present. Caudal ramus usually well developed with two terminal claws and up to 4 posterior marginal setae.


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