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  • Simaethidae.
  • Hemerophilidae.



[After Nielsen & Edwards 1996]
The family as constituted here follows Heppner & Duckworth (1981). The world species were included in the Glyphipterigidae in Genera Insectorum by Merick (1914c) as were the Palaearctic species in Diakonoff (1986). Australian species were described in Meyrick (1907) and in scattered papers by Meyrick, Turner and Lower usually in the families Glyphipterigdae or Plutellidae. Dugdale (1979) described Asterivora Dugdale from New Zealand and included some alpine Australian species.

The family is small in Australia and of diverse origins. Asterivora Dugdale contains species from alpine southern Australia while Saptha Walker, Choreutis Hübner and Brenthia Clemens contain a few species from tropical and subtropical rainforests.


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