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Superfamily CERCOPOIDEA Evans, 1946

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1 October 2009



The family level classification of this superfamily has been under study for some time. Evans (1966) recognised three families, the Cercopidae (froghoppers), the Aphrophoridae (spittlebugs) and the Machaerotidae (tube spittlebugs). Hamilton (2001) placed the tube spittlebugs as a subfamily Machaerotinae of the family Clastopteridae and regarded the Aphrophoridae and Cercopidae as subfamilies of the Cercopidae, sensu lato. Cryan & Svenson (2010) undertook a molecular analysis of the higher level classification of the Cercopoidea and this demonstrated that the Machaerotidae are the sister group to all other cercopoids and that the Aphrophoridae (including the Clastopteridae) are the sister group of the Cercopidae. This supports Evans (1966) recognition of all three groups in the Australian fauna as families in their own right although Cryan & Svenson (2010) chose not to make any changes to the classification pending further work including some critical taxa which had been missing from their classification. It is possible, therefore, that the higher classification used here will change once more comprehensive studies have been completed.



Head with a large, but not necessarily swollen, postclypeus. Anterior arms of tentorium fused with the posterior arms. Hind coxae short, conical, not transversely dilated; hind tibiae with one or two strong spurs, lacking spines, apically with a flared pecten.


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