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Mark S. Harvey & Erich S. Volschenk, Western Australian Museum, Perth, Western Australia, Australia


The Buthidae are the only family currently included within the Buthoidea, although the enigmatic South-East Asian family Chaerilidae is sometimes included as the sister-group to the Buthidae. Buthidae is a diverse family with some 50 genera and over 500 species currently recognised (Sissom, 1990). They are often considered to represent the sister-group to the remaining Recent scorpions, and as there is little consensus regarding a suitable subfamilial classification, we have refrained from using subfamilies for the Australian fauna until a replacement classification can be demonstrated to have any validity. Buthids are widely distributed around the world, but are largely absent from the northern Holarctic Region and from New Zealand.

The Australian buthid fauna is currently assigned to five genera and 11 species (Koch 1977; Locket 1990; Kovarík 1997), but unpublished research by E.S.V. indicates that the fauna is actually much more diverse, with substantial changes at the generic level, and numerous new species yet to be described.


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