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Family BUFONIDAE Gray, 1825


A large cosmopolitan family containing about 240 species in 18 genera. Its only representative in Australia—the marine or cane toad, Bufo marinus—was deliberately introduced into Queensland in 1935 in an attempt to combat several insect pests of sugar cane crops. It has gradually extended its range throughout Cape York Peninsula and the Gulf country to Arnhem Land, and into the Kimberley Region of Westaern Australia (see WA Cane toad update newsletter at

While some researchers believe that the cane toad will eventually adapt and expand into south-eastern Australia, it appears to have reached a natural limit on the far north coast of NSW. Records further south appear to be based on chance introductions or small breeding populations that remain viable for only a limited period. To date, no effective control measures have been developed. The impact of the cane toad on native fauna is believed to be highly significant, although the available data suggest that its impacts are selective rather than general.



Characterised in Australia by: arciferal pectoral girdle; digits without discs or intercalary cartilages; supraocular region warty, separated from the interorbital region by a thick fold or ridge of skin; maxillary teeth absent; toes fully webbed.


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