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February 2012 - Robyn Meier with advice from Ted Edwards, Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences

March 2009 - Names and Introduction taken from Nielsen et al. (1996), with minor updating by ABRS.


After Nielsen & Edwards (1996), with minor modifications.
'This small family has not been subject to taxonomic study in Australia. The North American fauna was reviewed by Braun (1963) and that of the British Isles by Emmet (1985a).

The family included only the genus Bucculatrix with a separate subgenus, Leucoedemia Scoble & Scholtz, for a gall-forming South African species (Scoble & Scholtz 1984) until the scribblygum moth genus Ogmograptis Meyrick was associated with the family (Nielsen & Common 1991).'

Cooke & Edwards (2007) studied the behaviour of larvae of a scribblygum moth, and a study of the genus Ogmograptis , is currently underway by Drs Max Day and Marianne Horak, CSIRO Entomology.


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