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The cosmopolitan Aphodiini contains mostly coprophagous species as well as a few that are saprophagous (Rakovic 1987). The biology of the majority of Australian species is unknown. Adults of the Australian species have been taken in various types of dung, carrion, traps and at light. The accidentally introduced species, Aphodius fimetarius (Linnaeus), A. granarius (Linnaeus) and A. lividus (Olivier), are often common in dung. Gordon (1983) discussed the status in north America of the first two of these introduced species. The adults of Acrossidius tasmaniae Hope are attracted to dung. Two Australian species, Acrossidius tasmaniae Hope and Acrossidius pseudotasmaniae Given, are phytophagous in the larval stages. The larvae construct vertical burrows from which they emerge at night to harvest leaves which they drag into their tunnels for consumption (Carne 1950, 1957; Lawrence & Britton 1991).


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