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The Anthelidae were first revised, as part of the Lymantriidae, by Swinhoe (1903) and Turner (1904b). They were first separated as a distinct family by Turner (1920a). They were treated as a subfamily of the Lymantriidae in Seitz, Macrolepidoptera of the World by Strand (1925, 1929) and the literature was listed in Lepidopterorum Catalogus by Bryk (1934), again as a subfamily. A generic revision was publishe by Swinhoe (1922) which was superseded before publication by Turner (1921d). Turner corrected and added to his revision in Turner (1922b). The family was dealt with in Genera Insectorum by Hulstaert (1928). Of all these papers the most useful for the Australian lepidopterist is Turner (1921d). Turner subsequently added further species in later years but the family has not been revised since.

The Anthelidae were placed as a family in the Noctuoidea by Tillyard (1926) on Turner's advice. They were tacitly transferred to the Bombycoidea by Common (1963c, 1966b) and explicitly by Common (1970b). Common & McFarland (1970) established the subfamily Munychryiinae. Subsequent authors have retained the Anthelidae in the Bombycoidea (Nielsen & Common 1991; Scoble 1992) but Minet (1994) included the family, with Lasiocampidae, in the Lasiocampoidea.

There are 74 described species in Australia placed in 8 genera. The family is confined to Australia and New Guinea with the majority of species found in Australia. Only 2 species occur in both Australia and New Guinea; the remainder are endemic to each country. Most species are placed in the large genus Anthela Walker in which several species groups are poorly defined and these contain a number of species complexes. Characters of the early stages will probalby be imporant in elucidating these complexes. The biology of the Anthelidae was described for Munychryia by Common & McFarland (1970) and Common (1990) gave a useful modern account of the family.

The family contains many undescribed species in Australia. Recent work on Pterolocera has identified many more undescribed species than there are described species but this work is as yet unpublished.

Some species of Anthela and all but one of Pterolocera have brachypterous females. The larval hairs of some species have caused mechanical irritation of the human skin or even blindness but they are not known to be toxic as in some Lymantriidae and other families. Some anthelids cause periodic damage to native pastures (Pterolocera spp.) and crops (Anthela denticulata (Newman), A. euryphrica Turner and A. ostra Swinhoe).

A. Zwick recently completed a project on Anthelidae (Zwick 2006) and published several papers arising from that study (Zwick 2008, 2009).


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