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Phylum AMOEBOZOA Luhe, 1913 (emend. Cavalier-Smith, 1998)

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Jan 2015 - Checked by Peter O’Donoghue, The University of Queensland

July 2014 - Data on free-living amoebae provided by Brett and Moira Robinson, Adelaide

July 2010 - Data provided by Peter O’Donoghue, entered in AFD by ABRS


Amoebozoans are amoeboid protists which move using non-eruptive pseudopodia, that is, they move by cytoplasmic streaming forming finger-like lobopodia. They are common in aquatic and terrestrial habitats, and some occur as symbiotes in other organisms. Free-living forms may be naked or testate.
[For higher taxonomic considerations and characters, see Adl et al. (2012)].


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05-Mar-2015 AMOEBOZOA Luhe, 1913 (emend. Cavalier-Smith, 1998) 06-Jul-2015 MODIFIED
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