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Thresher Sharks

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27 April 2011 - Douglass F. Hoese & Jennifer E. Gates


The family Alopiidae is represented by only one genus and three extant species found throughout the world in tropical and temperate waters. All are known from Australia (Last & Stevens 1994, 2009).

Thresher sharks are strong-swimming sharks generally found in oceanic environments in depths to 500 m, but they have been seen close to coastal areas. All are distinctive in having an elongate caudal fin that is often as long as the rest of the body. All species prey largely on fishes and squid. They are ovoviviparous and reach a maximum size of between 5.5 and 6 m.

Compagno (1984, 1998, 2001) summarised much of the knowledge of the taxonomy and biology of the thresher sharks.


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