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Agassiz, A. 1863. Synopsis of the echinoids collected by Dr W. Stimpson on the North Pacific Exploring Expedition, under the command of Captains Ringgold and Rodgers. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia 15: 352-360

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Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ECHINODERMATA DIADEMATIDAE Thrichodiadema Agassiz, 1863 synonym Centrostephanus Peters, 1854 Primary 354
ECHINODERMATA DIADEMATIDAE Thrichodiadema rodgersii Agassiz, 1863 synonym Centrostephanus rodgersii (A. Agassiz, 1863) Primary 354
ECHINODERMATA TEMNOPLEURIDAE Anthechinus Agassiz, 1863 synonym Microcyphus L. Agassiz, 1841 Primary 358
ECHINODERMATA TEMNOPLEURIDAE Temnotrema Agassiz, 1863 synonym Temnotrema A. Agassiz, 1863 Primary 358

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