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Borojevic, R., Boury-Esnault, N. & Vacelet, J. 1990. A revision of the supraspecific classification of the subclass Calcinea (Porifera, Class Calcarea). Bulletin du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle. Paris [published 1895-1906] 4 12(A,2): 243-276

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References for selected publication in Australian Faunal Directory
Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
PORIFERA CALCAREA Bowerbank, 1862 Valid Name CALCAREA Bowerbank, 1862 Introduction
PORIFERA PORIFERA Grant, 1836 Valid Name PORIFERA Grant, 1836 Introduction
PORIFERA CLATHRINIDAE CLATHRINIDAE Minchin, 1900 Valid Name CLATHRINIDAE Minchin, 1900 Introduction
PORIFERA DENDYIDAE DENDYIDAE Laubenfels, 1936 Valid Name DENDYIDAE Laubenfels, 1936 Introduction
PORIFERA DENDYIDAE Soleneiscus Borojevic, Boury-Esnault & Vacelet, 1990 junior homonym Soleneiscus Borojevic, Boury-Esnault, Manuel & Vacelet, 2002 Primary
PORIFERA DENDYIDAE Soleniscidae Borojevic, Boury-Esnault & Vacelet, 1990 junior homonym DENDYIDAE Laubenfels, 1936 Primary
PORIFERA LEUCALTIDAE LEUCALTIDAE Dendy & Row, 1913 Valid Name LEUCALTIDAE Dendy & Row, 1913 Introduction
PORIFERA LEUCASCIDAE LEUCASCIDAE Dendy, 1893 Valid Name LEUCASCIDAE Dendy, 1893 Introduction
PORIFERA LEUCETTIDAE LEUCETTIDAE De Laubenfels, 1936 Valid Name LEUCETTIDAE De Laubenfels, 1936 Introduction

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