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Bergroth, E. 1912. New or little known Hemiptera, chiefly from Australia, in the American Museum of Natural History. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 31: 343-348

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Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ARTHROPODA MIRIDAE Lygus neovalesicus Bergroth, 1912 synonym Taylorilygus apicalis (Fieber, 1861) Primary 348
ARTHROPODA REDUVIIDAE Havinthus longiceps Stål, 1859 Type Species subsequent designation Havinthus Stål, 1859 345
ARTHROPODA REDUVIIDAE Piestolestes Bergroth, 1912 synonym Piestolestes Bergroth, 1912 Primary 344
ARTHROPODA REDUVIIDAE Piestolestes lineatus Bergroth, 1912 synonym Piestolestes obscurus (Bergroth, 1895) Primary 345
ARTHROPODA REDUVIIDAE Stenolemus edwardsii Bergroth, 1912 synonym Stenolemus edwardsii Bergroth, 1912 Primary 347
ARTHROPODA ENICOCEPHALIDAE Henicocephalus aerius Bergroth, 1912 synonym Oncylocotis tasmanicus (Westwood, 1837) Primary 344
ARTHROPODA CYDNIDAE Blaena setosa Walker, 1868 Valid Name Blaena setosa Walker, 1868 Introduction 343
ARTHROPODA HYOCEPHALIDAE Hyocephalus aprugnus Bergroth, 1906 Valid Name Hyocephalus aprugnus Bergroth, 1906 Introduction 343
ARTHROPODA LYGAEIDAE Thunbergia augur (Stål, 1865) Valid Name Thunbergia augur (Stål, 1865) Introduction 344

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