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McKnight, D.G. 2003. New brittle-stars (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea) from New Zealand waters. Zootaxa 352: 1-36

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Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ECHINODERMATA ASTROPHIURIDAE  Ophiophycis Koehler, 1901 Valid Name Ophiophycis Koehler, 1901 Introduction 14-15
ECHINODERMATA ASTROPHIURIDAE  Ophiophycis johni McKnight, 2003 synonym Ophiophycis johni McKnight, 2003 Primary 18-19, fig. 4(c-d,f)
ECHINODERMATA OPHIACANTHIDAE Renetheo McKnight, 2003 synonym Ophiocanops Koehler, 1922 Primary
ECHINODERMATA OPHIACANTHIDAE Renetheo felli McKnight, 2003 synonym Ophiocanops felli (McKnight, 2003) Primary 7-9, fig 2(a-d)
ECHINODERMATA OPHIOMYXIDAE Ophiolycus farquhari McKnight, 2003 synonym Ophiolycus farquhari (McKnight, 2003) Primary 5-6, fig 1(c-d)
ECHINODERMATA OPHIOPYRGIDAE  Amphiophiura bakeri McKnight, 2003 synonym Amphiophiura bakeri McKnight, 2003 Primary 9-12, fig. 3(a-d)
ECHINODERMATA OPHIOPYRGIDAE  Ophiura (Ophiuroglypha) verrucosa McKnight, 2003 synonym Ophiuroglypha verrucosa (McKnight, 2003) Primary 26-27, fig. 3(e-f)
ECHINODERMATA OPHIURIDAE Dictenophiura platyacantha McKnight, 2003 synonym Ophiura (Dictenophiura) platyacantha (McKnight, 2003) Primary 20-22, fig. 6(c-d,f)
ECHINODERMATA OPHIURIDAE Ophiocten cryptum McKnight, 2003 synonym Ophiocten cryptum McKnight, 2003 Primary 12-14, fig. 5(a-b)
ECHINODERMATA OPHIURIDAE Ophiura (Ophiura) spinicantha McKnight, 2003 synonym Ophiura (Ophiura) spinicantha McKnight, 2003 Primary 23-25, fig. 6(a-b,e)

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