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Candèze, E. 1887. Description d'élatérides nouveaux, provenant de Normantown [sic]: Baie de Carpentaria (Australie septentrionale). Notes from the Leyden Museum 9: 285-290

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Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ARTHROPODA ELATERIDAE Agonischius brevis Candèze, 1887 synonym Drymelater brevis (Candèze, 1887) Primary 289
ARTHROPODA ELATERIDAE Agonischius semiflavus Candèze, 1887 synonym Drymelater semiflavus (Candèze, 1887) Primary 288
ARTHROPODA ELATERIDAE Agrypninae Candèze, 1857 Valid Name Agrypninae Candèze, 1857 Introduction
ARTHROPODA ELATERIDAE Crepidomenus ovalis Candèze, 1887 synonym Crepidomenus ovalis Candèze, 1887 Primary 288
ARTHROPODA ELATERIDAE Denticollinae Valid Name Denticollinae Introduction
ARTHROPODA ELATERIDAE Doloporus Candèze, 1887 synonym Doloporus Candèze, 1887 Primary 289
ARTHROPODA ELATERIDAE Doloporus aterrimus Candèze, 1887 synonym Doloporus aterrimus Candèze, 1887 Primary 290
ARTHROPODA ELATERIDAE Doloporus thoracicus Candèze, 1887 synonym Doloporus thoracicus Candèze, 1887 Primary 290
ARTHROPODA ELATERIDAE Elaterinae Valid Name Elaterinae Introduction
ARTHROPODA ELATERIDAE Hapatesus pretiosus Candèze, 1887 synonym Hapatesus (Hapatesus) pretiosus Candèze, 1887 Primary 287
ARTHROPODA ELATERIDAE Lacon vandepolli Candèze, 1887 synonym Agrypnus vandepolli (Candèze, 1887) Primary 285
ARTHROPODA ELATERIDAE Megapenthes futilis Candèze, 1887 synonym Melanoxanthus futilis (Candèze, 1887) Primary 287
ARTHROPODA ELATERIDAE Megapenthes lituratus Candèze, 1887 synonym Megapenthes lituratus Candèze, 1887 Primary 287
ARTHROPODA ELATERIDAE Monocrepidius squalescens Candèze, 1887 synonym Monocrepidus squalescens (Candèze, 1887) Primary 286
ARTHROPODA ELATERIDAE Monocrepidius tumidus Candèze, 1887 synonym Monocrepidus tumidus (Candèze, 1887) Primary 286

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