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Wells, J.W. 1954. Recent corals of the Marshall Islands. Bikini and nearby atolls, Part 2, Oceanography. Professional Paper. U.S. Geological Survey 260: 385-486

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References for selected publication in Australian Faunal Directory
Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
CNIDARIA ACROPORIDAE Acropora palmerae Wells, 1954 synonym Acropora palmerae Wells, 1954 Primary
CNIDARIA ACROPORIDAE Acropora vaughani Wells, 1954 synonym Acropora vaughani Wells, 1954 Primary
CNIDARIA ACROPORIDAE Montipora colei Wells, 1954 synonym Montipora undata Bernard, 1897 Primary
CNIDARIA ACROPORIDAE Montipora floweri Wells, 1954 synonym Montipora floweri Wells, 1954 Primary
CNIDARIA ACROPORIDAE Montipora hoffmeisteri Wells, 1954 synonym Montipora hoffmeisteri Wells, 1954 Primary
CNIDARIA AGARICIIDAE Leptoseris mycetoseroides Wells, 1954 synonym Leptoseris mycetoseroides Wells, 1954 Primary
CNIDARIA AGARICIIDAE Pavona (Pseudocolumnastrea) pollica Wells, 1954 synonym Pavona maldivensis (Gardiner, 1905) Primary
CNIDARIA AGARICIIDAE Pavona minuta Wells, 1954 synonym Pavona minuta Wells, 1954 Primary
CNIDARIA ASTROCOENIIDAE Astrocoenia stylifera Pourtal├Ęs nomen nudum Stylocoeniella armata (Ehrenberg, 1834) Secondary source 410
CNIDARIA DENDROPHYLLIIDAE Sclerhelia alcocki Wells, 1954 synonym Dendrophyllia alcocki (Wells, 1954) Primary
CNIDARIA FUNGIIDAE Cycloseris hexagonalis Wells, 1954 synonym Cycloseris vaughani (Boschma, 1923) Primary
CNIDARIA FUNGIIDAE Cycloseris patelliformis Wells, 1954 synonym Cycloseris costulata (Ortmann, 1889) Primary
CNIDARIA MERULINIDAE Bikiniastrea Wells, 1954 synonym Dipsastraea de Blainville, 1830 Primary 456
CNIDARIA MERULINIDAE Bikiniastrea laddi Wells, 1954 synonym Dipsastraea laddi (Wells, 1954) Primary 456
CNIDARIA MERULINIDAE Favia helianthoides Wells, 1954 synonym Dipsastraea helianthoides (Wells, 1954) Primary 458
CNIDARIA MERULINIDAE Plesiastrea russelli Wells, 1954 synonym Paragoniastrea russelli (Wells, 1954) Primary 460
CNIDARIA PORITIDAE Goniopora traceyi Wells, 1954 synonym Goniopora lobata (Milne Edwards, 1860) Primary

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