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Laurie, E.M.O. & Hill, J.E. 1954. List of Land Mammals of New Guinea, Celebes and Adjacent Islands 1758–1952. London : British Museum 175 pp. 3 pls.

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References for selected publication in Australian Faunal Directory
Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
CHORDATA BURRAMYIDAE Cercartetus Gloger, 1841 Valid Name Cercartetus Gloger, 1841 Distributions
CHORDATA DASYURIDAE Antechinus Macleay, 1841 Valid Name Antechinus Macleay, 1841 Distributions 6-7
CHORDATA DASYURIDAE Dasyurus Geoffroy, 1796 Valid Name Dasyurus Geoffroy, 1796 Distributions
CHORDATA DASYURIDAE Planigale Troughton, 1928 Valid Name Planigale Troughton, 1928 Distributions
CHORDATA EMBALLONURIDAE Saccolaimus mixtus Troughton, 1925 Valid Name Saccolaimus mixtus Troughton, 1925 Introduction
CHORDATA EMBALLONURIDAE Taphozous australis Gould, 1854 Valid Name Taphozous australis Gould, 1854 Introduction
CHORDATA MACROPODIDAE Dendrolagus Müller & Schlegel, 1839 Valid Name Dendrolagus Müller & Schlegel, 1839 Distributions
CHORDATA MACROPODIDAE Macropus Shaw, 1790 Valid Name Macropus Shaw, 1790 Distributions
CHORDATA MACROPODIDAE Thylogale Gray, 1837 Valid Name Thylogale Gray, 1837 Distributions
CHORDATA MURIDAE Hydromys Geoffroy, 1804 Valid Name Hydromys Geoffroy, 1804 Distributions
CHORDATA MURIDAE Pogonomys Milne-Edwards, 1877 Valid Name Pogonomys Milne-Edwards, 1877 Distributions
CHORDATA MURIDAE Uromys Peters, 1867 Valid Name Uromys Peters, 1867 Distributions
CHORDATA PERAMELIDAE Echymipera Lesson, 1842 Valid Name Echymipera Lesson, 1842 Distributions
CHORDATA PERAMELIDAE Isoodon Desmarest, 1817 Valid Name Isoodon Desmarest, 1817 Distributions
CHORDATA PETAURIDAE Dactylopsila Gray, 1858 Valid Name Dactylopsila Gray, 1858 Distributions
CHORDATA PETAURIDAE Dactylopsila trivirgata Gray, 1858 Valid Name Dactylopsila trivirgata Gray, 1858 Taxonomic arrangement 17
CHORDATA PETAURIDAE Petaurus Shaw, 1791 Valid Name Petaurus Shaw, 1791 Distributions
CHORDATA PHALANGERIDAE Phalanger Storr, 1780 Valid Name Phalanger Storr, 1780 Distributions
CHORDATA PTEROPODIDAE Dobsonia magna Thomas, 1905 Valid Name Dobsonia magna Thomas, 1905 Introduction
CHORDATA PTEROPODIDAE Macroglossus minimus (Geoffroy, 1810) Valid Name Macroglossus minimus (Geoffroy, 1810) Introduction
CHORDATA PTEROPODIDAE Pteropus alecto Temminck, 1837 Valid Name Pteropus alecto Temminck, 1837 Introduction
CHORDATA PTEROPODIDAE Pteropus conspicillatus Gould, 1850 Valid Name Pteropus conspicillatus Gould, 1850 Introduction
CHORDATA PTEROPODIDAE Syconycteris australis (Peters, 1867) Valid Name Syconycteris australis (Peters, 1867) Introduction
CHORDATA PSEUDOCHEIRIDAE Pseudocheirus Ogilby, 1837 Valid Name Pseudocheirus Ogilby, 1837 Distributions
CHORDATA PSEUDOCHEIRIDAE Pseudochirops Matschie, 1915 Valid Name Pseudochirops Matschie, 1915 Distributions
CHORDATA MOLOSSIDAE Austronomus australis (J.E. Gray, 1838) Valid Name Austronomus australis (J.E. Gray, 1838) Introduction
CHORDATA MOLOSSIDAE Austronomus australis (J.E. Gray, 1838) Valid Name Austronomus australis (J.E. Gray, 1838) Synonymy references 63
CHORDATA RHINOLOPHIDAE Rhinolophus megaphyllus J.E. Gray, 1834 Valid Name Rhinolophus megaphyllus J.E. Gray, 1834 Introduction

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