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Kumar, R. 1964. On the structure and function of the so called ejaculatory reservoir in Pentatomoidea (Hemiptera: Heteroptera). Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland 75: 51-65

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References for selected publication in Australian Faunal Directory
Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ARTHROPODA PENTATOMIDAE Agonoscelis rutila (Fabricius, 1775) Valid Name Agonoscelis rutila (Fabricius, 1775) Introduction 55
ARTHROPODA PENTATOMIDAE Bathrus variegatus Dallas, 1851 Valid Name Bathrus variegatus Dallas, 1851 Introduction 55
ARTHROPODA PENTATOMIDAE Omyta centrolineata centrolineata (Westwood, 1837) Valid Name Omyta centrolineata centrolineata (Westwood, 1837) Introduction 55
ARTHROPODA PENTATOMIDAE Poecilometis australasiae (Donovan, 1805) Valid Name Poecilometis australasiae (Donovan, 1805) Introduction 55
ARTHROPODA PENTATOMIDAE Poecilometis strigatus (Westwood, 1837) Valid Name Poecilometis strigatus (Westwood, 1837) Introduction 55
ARTHROPODA SCUTELLERIDAE Calliphara imperialis (Fabricius, 1775) Valid Name Calliphara imperialis (Fabricius, 1775) Introduction 62 fig.
ARTHROPODA SCUTELLERIDAE Cantao parentum (White, 1839) Valid Name Cantao parentum (White, 1839) Introduction 58
ARTHROPODA SCUTELLERIDAE Choerocoris paganus (Fabricius, 1775) Valid Name Choerocoris paganus (Fabricius, 1775) Introduction 60
ARTHROPODA SCUTELLERIDAE Choerocoris variegatus Dallas, 1851 Valid Name Choerocoris variegatus Dallas, 1851 Introduction 60-61, 63 figs
ARTHROPODA SCUTELLERIDAE Lampromicra senator (Fabricius, 1803) Valid Name Lampromicra senator (Fabricius, 1803) Introduction 60 figs
ARTHROPODA SCUTELLERIDAE Tectocoris diophthalmus (Thunberg, 1783) Valid Name Tectocoris diophthalmus (Thunberg, 1783) Introduction 43, 49 figs
ARTHROPODA TESSARATOMIDAE Erga longitudinalis (Westwood, 1837) Valid Name Erga longitudinalis (Westwood, 1837) Introduction 63 fig
ARTHROPODA TESSARATOMIDAE Musgraveia sulciventris (Stål, 1863) Valid Name Musgraveia sulciventris (Stål, 1863) Introduction 63 figs
ARTHROPODA TESSARATOMIDAE Peltocopta crassiventris (Bergroth, 1895) Valid Name Peltocopta crassiventris (Bergroth, 1895) Introduction 63 figs

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