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Hirashima, Y. 1989. A synopsis of the bee genus Palaeorhiza Perkins (Hymenoptera, Colletidae) of New Guinea. Part VIII. Subgenus Callorhiza. Esakia 28: 1-9 [Date published 31/12/1989]

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References for selected publication in Australian Faunal Directory
Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Callorhiza Hirashima, 1989 synonym Palaeorhiza (Callorhiza) Hirashima, 1989 Primary 2
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Palaeorhiza (Callorhiza) Hirashima, 1989 Valid Name Palaeorhiza (Callorhiza) Hirashima, 1989 Distributions 2
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Palaeorhiza (Callorhiza) disrupta Cockerell, 1914 Valid Name Palaeorhiza (Callorhiza) disrupta Cockerell, 1914 Introduction
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Palaeorhiza (Callorhiza) eboracina (Cockerell, 1910) Valid Name Palaeorhiza (Callorhiza) eboracina (Cockerell, 1910) Introduction
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Palaeorhiza (Callorhiza) turneriana (Cockerell, 1905) Valid Name Palaeorhiza (Callorhiza) turneriana (Cockerell, 1905) Introduction
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Palaeorhiza (Callorhiza) viridimutans (Cockerell, 1910) Valid Name Palaeorhiza (Callorhiza) viridimutans (Cockerell, 1910) Introduction

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