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Cockerell, T.D.A. 1912. Descriptions and records of bees. XLIII. Annals and Magazine of Natural History 8 9: 377-387 [Date published 31/12/1912]

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Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ARTHROPODA APIDAE Braunsapis simillima (Smith, 1854) Valid Name Braunsapis simillima (Smith, 1854) Introduction
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Hylaeus (Gnathoprosopis) chromaticus (Cockerell, 1912) Valid Name Hylaeus (Gnathoprosopis) chromaticus (Cockerell, 1912) Introduction
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Pachyprosopis nitidiceps Cockerell, 1912 synonym Hyphesma nitidiceps (Cockerell, 1912) Primary 384
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Pachyprosopis obesa Cockerell, 1912 synonym Pachyprosopis (Parapachyprosopis) angophorae Cockerell, 1912 Primary 383
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Paracolletes (Paracolletes) crassipes Smith, 1853 Valid Name Paracolletes (Paracolletes) crassipes Smith, 1853 Introduction
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Paracolletes crassipes leptospermi Cockerell, 1912 synonym Paracolletes (Paracolletes) leptospermi Cockerell, 1912 Primary 378
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Paracolletes eugeniarum Cockerell, 1912 synonym Goniocolletes eugeniarum (Cockerell, 1912) Primary 380
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Paracolletes platycephalus Cockerell, 1912 synonym Leioproctus (Leioproctus) platycephalus (Cockerell, 1912) Primary 379
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Paracolletes rebellis Cockerell, 1912 synonym Paracolletes (Paracolletes) rebellis Cockerell, 1912 Primary 379
ARTHROPODA HALICTIDAE Halictus behri transvolans Cockerell, 1912 synonym Homalictus (Homalictus) woodsi (Cockerell, 1910) Primary 385
ARTHROPODA HALICTIDAE Halictus dotatus Cockerell, 1912 synonym Homalictus (Homalictus) dotatus (Cockerell, 1912) Primary 384
ARTHROPODA HALICTIDAE Halictus kesteveni Cockerell, 1912 synonym Homalictus (Homalictus) urbanus (Smith, 1879) Primary 386
ARTHROPODA HALICTIDAE Halictus saycei Cockerell, 1912 synonym Homalictus (Homalictus) tatei (Cockerell, 1910) Primary 386
ARTHROPODA HALICTIDAE Homalictus (Homalictus) punctatus (Smith, 1879) Valid Name Homalictus (Homalictus) punctatus (Smith, 1879) Introduction
ARTHROPODA HALICTIDAE Lasioglossum (Ctenonomia) sturti (Cockerell, 1906) Valid Name Lasioglossum (Ctenonomia) sturti (Cockerell, 1906) Introduction
ARTHROPODA HALICTIDAE Lasioglossum (Parasphecodes) leichardti (Cockerell, 1906) Valid Name Lasioglossum (Parasphecodes) leichardti (Cockerell, 1906) Introduction
ARTHROPODA HALICTIDAE Nomia (Reepenia) eboracina Cockerell, 1912 synonym Reepenia bituberculata (Smith, 1853) Primary 377
ARTHROPODA STENOTRITIDAE Stenotritus victoriae (Cockerell, 1906) Valid Name Stenotritus victoriae (Cockerell, 1906) Introduction

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