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Catalano, S.R. 2013. Population structure and species of Giant Australian Cuttlefish (Sepia apama) in southern Australian waters as inferred from dicyemid parasite genetics. South Australian Naturalist 87: 30-33

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References for selected publication in Australian Faunal Directory
Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
DICYEMIDA DICYEMIDA Van Beneden, 1876 Valid Name DICYEMIDA Van Beneden, 1876 Introduction 30
DICYEMIDA DICYEMIDAE Dicyema Koelliker, 1849 Valid Name Dicyema Koelliker, 1849 Introduction
DICYEMIDA DICYEMIDAE Dicyemennea Whitman, 1883 Valid Name Dicyemennea Whitman, 1883 Introduction
MOLLUSCA SEPIIDAE Sepia apama Gray, 1849 Valid Name Sepia apama Gray, 1849 Introduction

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