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Hampson, G.F. 1919. A classification of the Aegeriadae of the Oriental and Ethiopian Regions. Novitates Zoologicae 26: 46-119

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Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ARTHROPODA SESIIDAE Conopia melanocera Hampson, 1919 synonym Ichneumenoptera chrysophanes (Meyrick, 1886) Primary 71
ARTHROPODA SESIIDAE Lepidopoda xanthogyna Hampson, 1919 synonym Ichneumenoptera xanthogyna (Hampson, 1919) Primary 54
ARTHROPODA SESIIDAE Melittia proserpina Hampson, 1919 synonym Melittia chalybescens Miskin, 1892 Primary 92
ARTHROPODA SESIIDAE Micrecia Hampson, 1919 synonym Micrecia Hampson, 1919 Primary
ARTHROPODA SESIIDAE Paranthrene carulifera Hampson, 1919 synonym Nokona carulifera (Hampson, 1919) Primary 108
ARTHROPODA SESIIDAE Sphecodoptera cupreifascia (Miskin, 1892) Valid Name Sphecodoptera cupreifascia (Miskin, 1892) Introduction
ARTHROPODA SESIIDAE Tinthia xanthospila Hampson, 1919 synonym Tinthia xanthospila Hampson, 1919 Primary 115

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