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Maplestone, C.M. 1904. Notes on the Victorian fossil Selenariidae and descriptions of some new species (Recent and fossil). Transactions of the Royal Society of Victoria 16: 207-217

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References for selected publication in Australian Faunal Directory
Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
BRYOZOA SELENARIIDAE Selenaria bimorphocella Maplestone, 1904 synonym Selenaria bimorphocella Maplestone, 1904 Primary 213
BRYOZOA SELENARIIDAE Selenaria hexagonalis Maplestone, 1904 synonym Selenaria hexagonalis Maplestone, 1904 Primary 214
BRYOZOA SELENARIIDAE Selenaria partipunctata Maplestone, 1904 synonym Selenaria punctata Tenison-Woods, 1880 Primary 214
BRYOZOA LUNULARIIDAE LUNULARIIDAE Levinsen, 1909 Valid Name LUNULARIIDAE Levinsen, 1909 Introduction
BRYOZOA LUNULARIIDAE Lunulites patelliformis Maplestone, 1904 synonym Lunularia capulus Busk, 1854 Primary 215
BRYOZOA LUNULARIIDAE Lunulites repandus Maplestone, 1904 synonym Lunularia repanda (Maplestone, 1904) Primary 216

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