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Polhemus, J.T. & Herring, J.L. 1970. Ergebnisse der Österreichischen Neukaledonien Expedition. Aquatic and semiaquatic Hemiptera. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 72: 179-187

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References for selected publication in Australian Faunal Directory
Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ARTHROPODA CORIXIDAE Sigara (Tropocorixa) tadeuszi Lundlbad, 1933 Valid Name Sigara (Tropocorixa) tadeuszi Lundlbad, 1933 Introduction 185
ARTHROPODA CORIXIDAE Sigara (Tropocorixa) truncatipala (Hale, 1922) Valid Name Sigara (Tropocorixa) truncatipala (Hale, 1922) Introduction 185
ARTHROPODA GERRIDAE Limnogonus (Limnogonus) fossarum skusei (Torre-Bueno, 1926) Valid Name Limnogonus (Limnogonus) fossarum skusei (Torre-Bueno, 1926) Introduction 180
ARTHROPODA GERRIDAE Limnogonus (Limnogonus) luctuosus (Montrouzier, 1864) Valid Name Limnogonus (Limnogonus) luctuosus (Montrouzier, 1864) Introduction 180
ARTHROPODA HYDROMETRIDAE Hydrometra risbeci Hungerford, 1938 Valid Name Hydrometra risbeci Hungerford, 1938 Introduction 185
ARTHROPODA VELIIDAE Microvelia (Pacificovelia) oceanica (Distant, 1914) Valid Name Microvelia (Pacificovelia) oceanica (Distant, 1914) Introduction 181

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