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Frey, G. 1963. Neue Onthophagen (Col. Scarab.) aus Australien (Queenslandausbeute von H. Demarz) und aus Afrika. Entomologischen Arbeiten aus dem Museum Georg Frey 14: 538-549

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Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ARTHROPODA SCARABAEIDAE Onthophagus capellinus Frey, 1963 synonym Onthophagus capellinus Frey, 1963 Primary 540
ARTHROPODA SCARABAEIDAE Onthophagus demarziellus Frey, 1963 synonym Onthophagus dicranocerus Gillet, 1925 Primary 538
ARTHROPODA SCARABAEIDAE Onthophagus pauperculus Frey, 1963 synonym Onthophagus bicarinaticeps Lea, 1923 Primary 542
ARTHROPODA SCARABAEIDAE Onthophagus postcornutus Frey, 1963 synonym Onthophagus peramelinus (Lea, 1923) Primary 539
ARTHROPODA SCARABAEIDAE Onthophagus semihirtus Frey, 1963 synonym Onthophagus incornutus Macleay, 1871 Primary 541
ARTHROPODA SCARABAEIDAE Scarabaeinae Valid Name Scarabaeinae Introduction

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