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Johns, P.M. 1964. The Sphaerotrichopidae (Diplopoda) of New Zealand. 1. Introduction, revision of some known species and description of new species. Records of the Canterbury Museum 8(1): 1-49

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Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ARTHROPODA DALODESMIDAE Australopeltis Johns, 1964 synonym Lissodesmus Chamberlin, 1920 Primary 47
ARTHROPODA DALODESMIDAE Lissodesmus martini (Carl, 1902) Valid Name Lissodesmus martini (Carl, 1902) Distributions
ARTHROPODA DALODESMIDAE Pseudoprionopeltis (Australopeltis) martini (Carl, 1902) Generic Combination Lissodesmus martini (Carl, 1902) 47

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