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Cockerell, T.D.A. 1905. Descriptions and records of bees. IV. Annals and Magazine of Natural History 7 16: 392-403 [Date published 31/12/1905]

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Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Hylaeus (Euprosopoides) perplexus (Smith, 1854) Valid Name Hylaeus (Euprosopoides) perplexus (Smith, 1854) Introduction
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Leioproctus (Cladocerapis) bipectinatus (Smith, 1857) Valid Name Leioproctus (Cladocerapis) bipectinatus (Smith, 1857) Introduction 393
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Palaeorhiza (Palaeorhiza) varicolor (Smith, 1879) Valid Name Palaeorhiza (Palaeorhiza) varicolor (Smith, 1879) Introduction
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Prosopis albonitens Cockerell, 1905 synonym Hylaeus (Gnathoprosopis) albonitens (Cockerell, 1905) Primary 399
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Prosopis disjuncta Cockerell, 1905 synonym Hylaeus (Euprosopis) disjunctus (Cockerell, 1905) Primary 400
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Prosopis frederici Cockerell, 1905 synonym Hylaeus (Prosopisteron) frederici (Cockerell, 1905) Primary 403
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Prosopis lubbocki Cockerell, 1905 synonym Hylaeus (Euprosopoides) lubbocki (Cockerell, 1905) Primary 403
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Prosopis metallicus Smith, 1862 synonym Hylaeus (Euprosopoides) perplexus (Smith, 1854) Type Data 403
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Prosopis parallela Cockerell, 1905 synonym Palaeorhiza (Cnemidorhiza) parallela (Cockerell, 1905) Primary 400
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Prosopis perviridis Cockerell, 1905 synonym Palaeorhiza (Palaeorhiza) perviridis (Cockerell, 1905) Primary 401
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Prosopis reginarum Cockerell, 1905 synonym Palaeorhiza (Palaeorhiza) reginarum (Cockerell, 1905) Primary 402
ARTHROPODA COLLETIDAE Prosopis turneriana Cockerell, 1905 synonym Palaeorhiza (Callorhiza) turneriana (Cockerell, 1905) Primary 402
ARTHROPODA APIDAE Amegilla (Asaropoda) scymna (Gribodo, 1893) Valid Name Amegilla (Asaropoda) scymna (Gribodo, 1893) Introduction
ARTHROPODA APIDAE Amegilla (Notomegilla) chlorocyanea (Cockerell, 1914) Valid Name Amegilla (Notomegilla) chlorocyanea (Cockerell, 1914) Introduction
ARTHROPODA APIDAE Anthophora adelaidae Cockerell, 1905 synonym Amegilla (Zonamegilla) adelaidae (Cockerell, 1905) Primary 397
ARTHROPODA APIDAE Anthophora emendata gilberti Cockerell, 1905 synonym Amegilla (Zonamegilla) cingulata (Fabricius, 1775) Primary 396
ARTHROPODA APIDAE Anthophora rhodoscymna Cockerell, 1905 synonym Amegilla (Asaropoda) rhodoscymna (Cockerell, 1905) Primary 395
ARTHROPODA APIDAE Anthophora salteri Cockerell, 1905 synonym Amegilla (Zonamegilla) pulchra (Smith, 1854) Primary 398
ARTHROPODA APIDAE Anthophora walkeri Cockerell, 1905 synonym Amegilla (Zonamegilla) walkeri (Cockerell, 1905) Primary 396

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