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Beasley-Hall, P.G., Rose, H.A., Walker, J., Kinjo, Y., Bourguignon, T., & Lo, N. 2021. Digging deep: a revised phylogeny of Australian burrowing cockroaches (Blaberidae: Panesthiinae, Geoscapheinae) confirms extensive nonmonophyly and provides insights into biogeography and evolution of burrowing. Systematic Entomology 1-17

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References for selected publication in Australian Faunal Directory
Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ARTHROPODA BLABERIDAE Geoscapheus Tepper, 1893 Valid Name Geoscapheus Tepper, 1893 Introduction
ARTHROPODA BLABERIDAE Incertae Sedis Valid Name Incertae Sedis Introduction
ARTHROPODA BLABERIDAE Macropanesthia Saussure, 1895 Valid Name Macropanesthia Saussure, 1895 Introduction
ARTHROPODA BLABERIDAE Neogeoscapheus Roth, 1977 Valid Name Neogeoscapheus Roth, 1977 Introduction
ARTHROPODA BLABERIDAE Parapanesthia Roth, 1977 Valid Name Parapanesthia Roth, 1977 Introduction

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