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Jekel, H. 1855. Coleoptera. Fam. Curculionides. In, Saunders, W.W. (ed.). Insecta Saundersiana: or characters of undescribed insects in the collection of William Wilson Saunders, Esq. London : John van Voorst. Vol. 2(1) pp. 1-153, pl. 1-2.

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References for selected publication in Australian Faunal Directory
Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ARTHROPODA ANTHRIBIDAE Ancylotropis Jekel, 1855 synonym Ancylotropis Jekel, 1855 Primary 94
ARTHROPODA ANTHRIBIDAE Ancylotropis waterhousei Jekel, 1855 synonym Ancylotropis waterhousei Jekel, 1855 Primary 96
ARTHROPODA ANTHRIBIDAE Araeocorynus Jekel, 1855 subjective synonym Araecerus Schoenherr, 1823 Primary 150
ARTHROPODA ANTHRIBIDAE Basitropis Jekel, 1855 synonym Basitropis Jekel, 1855 Primary 90
ARTHROPODA ANTHRIBIDAE Dendrotrogus Jekel, 1855 subjective synonym Dendropemon Schoenherr, 1839 Primary 80

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