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Knox, G.A. 1951. The polychaetous annelids of Banks Peninsula Part 1. Nereidae. Records of the Canterbury Museum 5: 213-229

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Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ANNELIDA NEREIDIDAE Perinereis amblyodonta (Schmarda, 1861) Valid Name Perinereis amblyodonta (Schmarda, 1861) Custom: Citations
ANNELIDA NEREIDIDAE Perinereis brevicirrus (Grube, 1866) Generic Combination Perinereis brevicirrus (Grube, 1866)
ANNELIDA NEREIDIDAE Perinereis vallata (Grube, 1857) Valid Name Perinereis vallata (Grube, 1857) Custom: Citations
ANNELIDA NEREIDIDAE Platynereis australis (Schmarda, 1861) Valid Name Platynereis australis (Schmarda, 1861) Custom: Citations

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