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Oshanin, B.F. 1906. Verzeichnis der Palaearktischen Hemipteren mit besondere Berücksichtigung ihrer Verteilung im Russischen Reiche. Band I Heteroptera. Supplement to Annuaire du Musée Zoologique de l'Académie Imperiale des Sciences, St Petersburg. pp. i–lxxiv, 1–393.

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References for selected publication in Australian Faunal Directory
Phylum Family Name Name Type Valid Name Usage Page
ARTHROPODA CICADELLIDAE Balclutha Kirkaldy, 1900 Valid Name Balclutha Kirkaldy, 1900 Synonymy references 185
ARTHROPODA CICADELLIDAE Balclutha punctata (Fabricius, 1775) Species Excluded Misidentifications Balclutha Kirkaldy, 1900 185
ARTHROPODA RHYPAROCHROMIDAE Diniella pallipes (Scott, 1874) Valid Name Diniella pallipes (Scott, 1874) Introduction 332
ARTHROPODA RHYPAROCHROMIDAE Horridipamera nietneri (Dohrn, 1860) Valid Name Horridipamera nietneri (Dohrn, 1860) Introduction 307
ARTHROPODA RHYPAROCHROMIDAE Paraeucosmetus pallicornis (Dallas, 1852) Valid Name Paraeucosmetus pallicornis (Dallas, 1852) Introduction 307
ARTHROPODA CYDNIDAE Fromundus pygmaeus (Dallas, 1851) Valid Name Fromundus pygmaeus (Dallas, 1851) Introduction 19
ARTHROPODA BLISSIDAE Dimorphopterus Stål, 1872 Valid Name Dimorphopterus Stål, 1872 Introduction 272
ARTHROPODA DINIDORIDAE Coridius Illiger, 1807 Valid Name Coridius Illiger, 1807 Introduction 161
ARTHROPODA STENOCEPHALIDAE Dicranocephalus Hahn, 1826 Valid Name Dicranocephalus Hahn, 1826 Introduction 207
ARTHROPODA LYGAEIDAE Graptostethus Stål, 1868 Valid Name Graptostethus Stål, 1868 Introduction 254
ARTHROPODA LYGAEIDAE Graptostethus servus (Fabricius, 1787) Valid Name Graptostethus servus (Fabricius, 1787) Introduction 254
ARTHROPODA LYGAEIDAE Pylorgus Stål, 1874 Valid Name Pylorgus Stål, 1874 Introduction 270
ARTHROPODA OXYCARENIDAE Oxycarenus Fieber, 1837 Valid Name Oxycarenus Fieber, 1837 Introduction 299
ARTHROPODA PACHYGRONTHIDAE Pachygrontha Germar, 1838 Valid Name Pachygrontha Germar, 1838 Introduction 293

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